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  • Electiva Ciencias Ambientales
  • For testing purposes only.
  • Curso en línea Electiva en Física.
  • Programming in C++ - High School

    In this computer sciences course students will learn how to program in C++, an excellent programming language that can be used as a base to learn other programming languages, while also being a complete and useful one. Coding will be done in Dev-C++, a free software in which programs can be written, edited, compiled, and executed. All programs created have the .exe file extension and can be run on any version of Microsoft Windows.

    Throughout the course students will learn important C++ codes from simple output manipulation to functions and objects. The course is designed to integrate applications in mathematics as well as other miscellaneous fields dependent on programming (such as gaming). Students will also learn several important algorithms and problem solving techniques.

    Students will be evaluated via assignments and examination.

  • General Chemistry - High School

    In this course students will learn the fundamentals about matter and change. The year will begin with studying matter, its properties, classification, structure, etc., while the second half of the year will focus on the changes suffered by matter (chemical reactions, bonds, etc.).

    Additionally, students will study the major historical aspects of chemistry such as alchemy, the ancient system of elements, and their study.

    The course entails laboratory work. The experiments are designed to follow what is being discussed in class. If the topics are too abstract or the experimentation beyond any possible logistics, other experiments will be done in order to cover smaller and simpler topics. Also, for each week without experimentation students will have to read and summarize news articles concerning recent findings in any field of science, be it chemistry, biology, astronomy, mathematics, technology, etc.

    Students will be graded as seen fit by their professor. All tests are worth 100 points, each experiment is worth 50 points, and every news article is worth 25 points. An occasional assignment or project will be distributed as necessary.
  • Tecnología y Matemáticas

    Página suplementaria para los cursos de Matemáticas de 7mo grado y de 4to a 6to grado y Computadora de 7mo a 9no.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al curso nuevo curso escolar 2013 - 14.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al nuevo curso escolar 2013 -14.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al nuevo curso escolar 2013 -14.

  • Geometry - High School

    The first half of the course will focus on first learning how to analyze & reason (through the study of logic) and then moves on to the basics of geometry, being lines & angles. Afterward, the concept of lines & angles is used to understand the principles of polygons such as triangles and quadrilaterals. Finally, the first semester ends with applying the coordinate plane to this basic geometric knowledge.

    The second half of the course focuses on more advanced topics such as shapes, figures, and their properties. Even more advanced topics will be discussed such as the properties of circles and triangles, trigonometry, and graph theory. Other less intimidating topics such as perimeter, area, volume, and surface area will also be discussed. Additionally, algebra, statistics, and probability will be reviewed in order to prepare students for the mathematical sections of both the College Board and SAT exams.

    Students will also learn a bit of the history of mathematics such as ancient numeral systems, numerical superstitions, and the biographies of important mathematicians.
  • Curso en línea Pre-Cálculo 12mo.
  • Curso en línea Matemática General 12mo.
  • descripcion del curso

  • In this course the students will be learning the fundamentals of English. They will be initiated as readers and writers. They will make use of simple vocabulary in order to express ideas for their daily needs and to interact with others.
  • In this site students will find articles, practice sheets and videos links to improve their English skills

  • Desarrollamos las Artes Visuales con teoría y práctica. 
  • Electiva de Deportes


  • kinderLos niños y niñas del kínder están en constante descubrimiento y exploración. Son muy dinámicos y van construyendo su propio conocimiento a través de su interacción directa con el medio ambiente y las personas que los rodean.

    Es por eso que a través de este medio pretendo proveer una variedad de actividades concretas, creativas y estimulantes donde los niños(as) puedan explorar y aplicar el conocimiento en su diario vivir.

    Reforzaremos destrezas en las áreas de Matemáticas, Artes del Lenguaje y Ciencias Sociales. También encontrarás información sobre diferentes actividades, evaluaciones, tareas, entre otros del grupo kínder 2.

  • En esta página encontrarán diversas heramientas para el desarrollo de las destrezas de las artes del lenguaje, las matemáticas, la interacción con el medio ambiente y la integración en la sociedad. Además información y avisos importantes.

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