Cursos departamento de matemáticas
  • Tecnología y Matemáticas

    Página suplementaria para los cursos de Matemáticas de 7mo grado y de 4to a 6to grado y Computadora de 7mo a 9no.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al curso nuevo curso escolar 2013 - 14.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al nuevo curso escolar 2013 -14.
  • Saludos. Bienvenidos al nuevo curso escolar 2013 -14.

  • Geometry - High School

    The first half of the course will focus on first learning how to analyze & reason (through the study of logic) and then moves on to the basics of geometry, being lines & angles. Afterward, the concept of lines & angles is used to understand the principles of polygons such as triangles and quadrilaterals. Finally, the first semester ends with applying the coordinate plane to this basic geometric knowledge.

    The second half of the course focuses on more advanced topics such as shapes, figures, and their properties. Even more advanced topics will be discussed such as the properties of circles and triangles, trigonometry, and graph theory. Other less intimidating topics such as perimeter, area, volume, and surface area will also be discussed. Additionally, algebra, statistics, and probability will be reviewed in order to prepare students for the mathematical sections of both the College Board and SAT exams.

    Students will also learn a bit of the history of mathematics such as ancient numeral systems, numerical superstitions, and the biographies of important mathematicians.
  • Curso en línea Pre-Cálculo 12mo.
  • Curso en línea Matemática General 12mo.